EEG Analysis, protocol selection, and treatment planning training is offered if clinicians want to send in raw EEG files for their clients.  Dr. Tate does not use automatic artifact software which rarely produces a clean report, but artifacts all files BY HAND, then creates a report using Neuroguide software.  She then meets with the clinician in person or online to review the raw EEG, map results and treatment plan based on the client’s intake history and symptoms.  Clinicians are required to learn to complete the analysis forms themselves so they are eventually able to understand and process the qEEG’s themselves.  Dr. Tate’s passion is to train other’s to understand raw EEG and competently write basic Neurofeedback protocols and treatment plans based on the research.  Dr. Tate does not do mentoring outside of qEEG analysis training, but she stays connected to many great Neurofeedback therapists in the field and helps connect clinicians to mentors that are good fit for them based on the systems they use and the populations they work with.