Neurofeedback-Ed provides a step-by-step process to help practitioners looking to offer Neurofeedback services for the first time.  After helping you decide what equipment and Neurofeedback tools fit best with the diagnoses you are licensed to treat and the specific population of clients/patients you work with, basic courses are offered to help you learn to use your equipment efficiently and then gradually deepen your knowledge and skill in creating effective protocols and interventions for your clients. Getting started with Neurofeedback can be overwhelming, and our MAIN objective is to SIMPLIFY the process.  For practitioners wanting to start at a more advanced level or work with a Neurofeedback specialist with specific skills and experience, we also provide a directory of Board Certified mentors in the field and an inventory of the courses they offer.  Our goal is to connect you with the resources you need to add Neurofeedback services as quickly, efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

For more information, contact Dr. Yvonne Tate at 303-968-4048.